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About Froehlich

Luxurious Livability

A showcase home that you can live in. That’s the way Froehlich Signature Homes designs and builds. Our homes reflect the hours that we spend with each homebuyer to translate their wishes into reality. Form and function.

Is it Ever ‘Good Enough?’

ronRon has a very close relationship with his subcontractors. Men and women who carry the torch for quality as high as Ron does. But if there’s ever a judgement call to be made, Ron relies on the discernment that has earned him the reputation of never settling for second best.

He poses the question to his team “Is it good enough for your own home?” Issue resolved. Customer satisfied.

You Might Be a Froehlich Homebuyer

At Froehlich, we don’t aspire to build every home in Bakersfield. We just want to continue building the best ones.

That means most people aren’t Froehlich homebuyers and that’s okay. We’re looking for that select group of individuals and families that recognize excellence and demand it as much as we do. Since 1987, Ron Froehlich and Froehlich homebuyers have been finding each other.

Visit our model home, Masterpiece Estates at Froehlich Ranch, located at Brimhall and Allen Roads. See and feel the Froehlich difference for yourself.

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